Organized Crime Muscling In on the Media

A new report by Reporters without Borders (RSF) says that organized crime poses the biggest threat to media freedom worldwide: a total of 141 journalists and media workers were killed during the decade of the 2000s in attacks and reprisals blamed on criminal groups.

Indeed, organized crime is busy buying media and silencing journalists all over the world. An interesting trend occurred in Eastern Europe where media outlets were bought in bulk by people indicted for organized crime activities. This led to a low quality journalism and to the public turning away from mainstream media.In fact, these media outlets became mere additions to commercial structures owned by controversial businessmen or politicians. They didn’t care about media as a business or as a public service and just used it for their own interests.

Back to the RSF report, Benoit Hervieu, the author, takes us all over the world in a listing of events when organized crime threatened and killed journalists. The RSF report lists one of the Organized Crime and Corruption latest series of reports as a reference.

Disclaimer: The Investigative Dashboard is a project of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project

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