This section highlights tools that can be used to comb through masses of data, to find elusive links or evidence or to share and visualize information. The section will grow, as ID members find new tools or share new techniques.

If you need to share files with the members of your investigative team you can click COLLABORATIVE SPACES to find a number of solutions. Collaboration greatly enhances the investigative process.

DATA EXTRACTION tools are also available. They can help you scrap information from websites and databases and some of them can also assist you in re-shaping or in analyzing the information.

Visualizing information is a great way to pass the message along. DATA VISUALIZATION tools can be accessed here. They are becoming an integrated part of the investigative process.

SECURITY is increasingly important in a collaborative environment. Tools in this section may keep you on the safe side by securing your communication and your hard disks.

Making sense of large volumes of data is a daunting task when you deal with hundreds of electronic records. SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS software may speed up the investigative process.

Cohorts of skilled programmers and civic hackers are willing to assist journalists in the gathering and processing of data. The WEB-BASED INITIATIVES section highlights such efforts.


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