How to Fish for People in Great Britain

About two weeks ago we went in a fishing expedition in the warm seas of the Caribbean. We looked for company information in a scraped database of Panamanian companies, an offshore haven chosen by many criminals and corrupt politicians to hide their money.  We want to take you in another fishing trip but this time in the much colder seas of Great Britain. The following video tutorial indicates how to get, free of charge, information on British based companies and how to creatively use the information from an official database -developed by guys at the Map of Power project- of UK company data. Please let us know if you find this useful and point us out to new resources you come across. The Investigative Dashboard is your playground and a place where tips, tricks and ideas must be shared for the benefit of all of us.

Correction: this post has been corrected as the data on the was not scraped but bought from the UK registry of companies and then reshaped.

2 Responses to How to Fish for People in Great Britain

  1. You should also check out Open Corporates, which does a similar thing to Map of Power, but also goes beyond the UK.

  2. What a delight to be featured on DataTracker. Thanks very much, and I’m really glad you found the Directors Map of Power useful.

    I have a minor correction to make: our data isn’t scraped, it’s bought directly from Companies House and used under license, though you’re right to tell others to buy a report from Companies House if they want official and up-to-date documentation.

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