Duns & Bradstreet

Available: basic and contact info, number of employees, financial information


Available: information from more than 20 databases, including public records, news, and company filing information

Mint Global

European Business Registry


Registro Nacional

Available for: Mexico, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Panama, United States, Peru, Chile, Cuba, Spain, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Brasil

Doing Business

Available: measures of business regulations for local firms in 183 economies and selected cities at the subnational level; offers information on the steps needed to register a business in the 183 countries included in the report; useful for for identifying the public institutions and agencies that hold company registration databases in each country


Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)

Available: calls for tenders and other procurement information for Eastern and Southern Africa


National Registration Center

Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority

Available: Executive Director, Scope of Activity, Type of Ownership, Office Address, Tel./Fax, Webpage, E-mail, License Issuance Date, License Expiration Date

Tirana Stock Exchange


La Commission d'Organisation et de Surveillance des Opérations de Bourse (COSOB)

Available: Listed companies, Bonds traded, Bonds unlisted


Ministry of Commerce

Available: certificate of existence, deletion certificate, Certificate of non registration in the Commercial Register, Copies of documents on the application form, Certificate of registration of the name, Any information relating to merchants (historical registration)


Companies portal of the Government of Angola

Assists companies with paperwork and regulations

Government agencies, ministries and their jurisdiction


La Comisión Nacional de Valores, Republica Argentina

Available: Last information received, Relevant, Existing statutes sorted, Responsible for market relations, Social sites inscribed, Financial statements, Prospectus, Records and payroll, Ratings

Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aire

Available for search: factsheet, subscriptions, dividends, global programs, financial trusts; Information for specific company: main activity, constitution date, contact information, issuer, capital, directory of key people, related, controlled

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights

Instituto Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial

Note: available only in Spanish

Embassy of India in Buenos Aires

A business guide for Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay; Available: basic information, macroeconomic indicators, overview of the market, India - Argentina business, Information for business visitors to Argentina, focus - LAC program


Central Bank of Armenia

Note: Finanical reports of issers available only in Armenian


Available only in Armenian


Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aruba

Available: search by name, registration number or branch. Available for purchase: different kind of company reports and excerpts at prices between 10 and 100 Aruban Florins ( 1 AWG ≐ 0.56 USD)


Australian Securities & Investments Commission - National Corporate and Busines Names Index

Available: registration number, company's current status, town or suburb of a company's registered office, a list of documents lodged by a company, jurisdiction. A full company search, also called a company extract, provides additional information about a company such as details of officeholders, addresses of the company, share structure, details of members of proprietary companies. These need to be purchased from an Information Broker or an ASIC Service Centre.

Australian Business Register  - ABN Lookup

Available: ABN, Last Modified, ABN status, Entity Name, Entity Type, GST registration status, Main business location, Trading name(s), Deductible Gift Recipient (Yes/No), ABN History

Australian Securities & Investments Commission - AFS authorised representatives register

Rep. No., name, ABN, commenced, details of licensee, details of representative, classes, principal business address



Vienna Stock Exchange

Available: company registration number, UID number, names of representatives, list of owners, date of incorporation, sales, number of employees



Available: names of listed companies


Central Bank of Bahrain - CBB register

Available: PDF document with a list of banks and financial institutions, their country of incorporation, date of establishment, number of head offices and branches, type of incorporation (local or branch), restrictions, PO box number, telephone and fax number

Bahrain Bourse

Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Available: CR number, company name in English and in Arabic, Company Type, Registration date, status, address, business type, listed personnel, amendment dates (registration renewals, address or personnel changes etc.), dates of inspections, information on capital (authorized, issued, cash capital, local investment, foreign investment amounts)


Belorussian Currency and Stock Exchange


Service public fédéral Economie, P.M.E., Classes moyennes et Energie - Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises

Available: Company's Number, Starting date, Public name, Address of Headquarters, Contact information, Company type,

Financial Services and Markets Authority

Available: annual, half year and quarterly financial report, annual announcement, interim statement, notices of general meetings, announcement of dividend or payment of interest, announcement of notification of major shareholding, announcement of change in denominator thresholds, announcement of share repurchase, choice of home Member State, changes in the rights of the holders of securities

Coface Services Belgium

Available for purchase: extended legal file, credit report, annual accounts

Le Service public fédéral Justice

Available: for some companies there are images of documents available. For example: announcements of changes in the structure of the company, addresses, key personnel etc.


International Business Companies Registry of Belize

No online data available


Le Conseil économique et social

Ministry of industry and commerce


Bermuda Stock Exchange

Available: basic company information, previous year company information, trading information

Bermudian Registrar of Companies


Ministry of Economic Affairs

No online data



Bosnia and Herzegovina

Registry of Securities of Federation B&H

Available: The Newest Securities, Donation Contracts, Top 10 Investors, Corporate Actions, Issuers, Public Companies, Ownership Percentage Threshold, Securities List, Deleted Securities, Transfer Members, Pledging Members, Documents (Applications, Guides, Regulations, Laws, Draft Regulation)

Central Registry of Securities JSC Banja Luka

Available: Issuers, Ownership Structure, Securities Search, Registry Statistics, Clearing and Settlement (Turnover - Current month, Search of Turnover, Transaction Analyses, Top Turnover), Report on changes in ownership structure, Nonresidents Share, Annual report,

Banja Luka Stock Exchange

Available: trading, data on issuer, issuer announcements, financial reports, financial figures search, dividends


Available: registry of companies from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska and Brcko District; Search available by: name, registration number, abbreviation, founder; Search results provide: founders, board of directors, capital activities, branch offices, subsidiaries, foreign trade, foreign trade, notes


Ministry of Trade and Industry

Available: link for searching company names

Chamber of Commerce



Available: overview, financial reports (for current and past years), material facts (documents), Corporate Actions, Cash Dividends, Historical Trades

Ministry of finance - Brazilian market participants

Available: basic company information

Cadastro Sincronizado Nacional

Available free: name, address, contact information, activities; Available for purchase: partners, owners, people in the company

Junta Comercial de Estado de Sao Paulo

Available free: name, address, contact information, activities for companies in Sao Paulo

Portal of Compras Minas Gerais

Available: companies that are doing business with State Government

British Virgin Islands


Bulgarian Stock Exchange

Available: financial reports of issuers sorted by year (only in Bulgarian)


Available: basic company information, history, financial position


Available: legislations related documents

National Information System Delphy

Burkina Faso

Office National du Commerce Exterieur

Available: company name, senior manager, contact information

Ministry of Commerce


The American Chamber of Commerce in Cameroon

Note: website requires registration

Ministry of Economy and Finance


Ministry of Citizen's Services - Corporate registry

Information can be obtained by mailing a request directly to the Corporate Registry


Available: basic company information

Alberta Securities Commission

Available: enforcement proceedings for companies, reporting issuer list

TMX Group - Listed Company Directory

Available: quote, charting, news, company, financials, price history, options, research

New Brunswick Service - Corporate Affairs Registry Database

Government of Nova Scotia - Registry of Joint Stock Companies

Available: company profile, contact information, key people, activities, related registrations

Prince Edward Island Government

Available: basic company information

Registraire des entreprises Quebec

Available: basic company information, date of registration and status, legal form, dates of updates, related businesses, company transformations, economic activities and number of employees, board of directors, documents filed, overview of historical changes

Information Services Corporation

Industry Canada

Available: company name and address, corporation number, business number, governing legislation, directors, annual filings, corporate history highlights and Corporations Canada is available for contact via email or fax to obtain addresses of directors.

Cayman Islands

General Registry - General Registry of CI

Requires registration

Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

Available: list of issuing companies (with links to their websites)


Conservador de Biences Raices de Santiago - Registro de Comercio de Santiago

Chilean Securities and Insurance Supervisor

Available: basic company information

Bolsa Electronica de Chile

Available: listed companies; stock market resume, last transactions, news, corporate information

Official Gazette of Republic of Chile

Available: copies of records to be published in the Official Journal, such as the creation and modifications of the company and its partners


Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Available: search by code; historical data on company


Bursa de Valores de Colombia

Available: name, year of inscription, sector, city, capital on the bourse

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce

Unique Business Register

Available: basic company information


Centre National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques

Available: basic data on registration of enterprises, industry statistics, etc.


Business Registry

Search by name or ID number; Available: registration number, registration court, type of activity, shorten name, headquarter address; Start-up capital, founder, managment staff, legal aspects, data on existing branches

Chamber of Economy - Business Directory

Search by name, ID Number, type of organization, activity; Available: basic business info, contact information, Board of Directors, Basic business history,

Chamber of Economy - Export Directory

Search by name, primary activity, customs tariff (type of pruduct), type of services; Available: contact information, contact person, business activities, primary business activities, size, ownership structure, origin of capital,

Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency

Available: Investment funds: Management companies, Closed-end funds, Open-end funds; Investment firms and Authorized persons: Investment firms, Brokers, Investment advisors.

- Central Clearance and Depository Agency

Available: Issuers list, Participants list, Corporate Actions, Ticker and ISIN, Securities overview, Statistics

Zagreb Stock Exchange

Available: info, charts, reports, news, historical data, issuer


Curacao Registry of Commerce

Search by name, Registry number; Available: Name, legal form, contact information, information on capital, company's officials, address;


Department of Registrar of Companies

Search by company name; Available: Company name, Registration number

Czech Republic

Ministerstvo spravedlnosti České republiky - Commercial Register

Seacrh by company name, by personal name; Available: Date of registration, company, location, ID number, legal form, scope of business activities, management, partners, additional facts

Czech National Bank - The Central Storage of Regulated Information

Available: issuer's name, ID number, Financial reports

Prague Stock Exchange

Available: exchange members list

Available: basic company information, link to web site

Czech Register of Economic Entities

Available: basic company information, scope of business, capital, statutory authority, shareholders

Available: detailed information on companies and individuals

DR of Congo

Ministry of mining

Includes the most recent Report on all Mining Contracts in the DRC

Central Bank of DR of Congo


Registry of companies

Requires subscription

Danish FSA

Danish Companies Office

Dominican Republic

La Cámara de Comercio y Producción de Santo Domingo

Available: name, address, district, telephone and fax number, branch of business or main product

ONAPI: Oficina Nacional de la Propiedad Industrial Estructura Organizativa Propuesta

Information can be obtained by mailing a request directly to the Office of Free Access to Information


Superintendencia de Compañías del Ecuador

Registro comercial de Quito


The Egyptian Exchange

Available: basic company information, trading information, historical statistics

Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry

Available: board members, contact information, issue information


Joint business information system of the National Board of Patents and Registration and the Tax Administration

Requires authentification with an Estonian ID card

Fiji Islands

South Pacific Stock Exchange

Available: shares information, listed companies annual financial reports


Finnish Business Information System

Seach by: name, ID number; Available: trade name, company form, main line of business, postal address, phone number,

Asiakastieto - Odin - financial information database

Available: financial statements data for as many as ten past years; Business ID, contact data, company form, registration date, line of business, number of employees, auditors, shareholders, subsidiaries, owners, and shares of ownership. Also additional information like: Reuters' news on the companies, market prices, and data on line of business and stock exchange listings.


Infogreffe - Les Greffes des Tribunaux

Available: Basic info, postal address; documents available: RSC Certificate, debt report, memoranda of associations and company certificates, annual financial statements, history of amending entries modifications in the RCS, contingency, court supervised recovery or liquidation by order of court

Available: financial information of companies

Registrar of the Commercial Court of Paris

Available: basic company information

Land registry


Ministry of Finance of Georgia

Available in Georgian only

Georgian Stock Exchange

Available: list of securities admitted to trading system of GSA - listed companies, non-listed companies, detailed trading information

Public Registry

Entrepreneurs and non-business (commercial) legal entities register

Georgian Government - Multiple

Available: registry of applications and rights, registry of false documents, debtor registry, registry of charity organizations,


Gemeinsames Registerportal der Länder

Available: Name, city, line of business, amount of capital, representatives structure, representatives contact, legal form,

Company register

Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin)

Available: basic company information and the authorizations it holds

Börsen Hamburg und Hannover

Note: available only in German; Available: basic company information, basic trading information

Börse Düsseldorf

Available: detailed trading information

Stuttgart Stock Exchange

No online search available; Available: bonds categories

Hamburger Börse

No online search available; Available: bonds categories

Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammern

Available: list of all German chambers of commerce


Securities and Exchange Commission, Ghana

Ghana Customs Excise and Preventive Service

CEPS is responsible for collection of Import Duty, Import VAT, Export Duty, Petroleum Tax, Import Excise and other taxes

Energy Commission

Available: different reports and documents from the commission

Ghana Stock Exchange


Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce

Available: company name

Companies House Gibraltar


Athens Exchange

Available: category, board of directors, contact information, basic trading information

The Government Gazette - The Government Gazette

Available: company name, changes in directors, appointments of meetings, subsidiaries. Note: only one year and one box can be chosen/thicked for one search.




Guernsey Registry

Available: basic company information; Available for purchase: more detailed company information


National Commission of Banking and Insurance

Hong Kong


Available: image record (including document index), company particular search, directors index search (company based), register of charges, director particular search etc.

Securities and Futures Commission

Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Available: stock code, stock code name, registrar code

Hong Kong Government Agency - Registrar of Unlimited Companies

Available: information on unlimited companies registered in Hong Kong


Financial registry

Available: Basic info, location, financial information; Scanned documents sometimes available in Hungarian

Budapest Stock Exchange

Available: basic contact information, web site

Court of company registrations


Tax Office

Available: postal address, municipality, legal form, type of business

The Financial Supervisory Authority

Available: basic contact information, key persons and their positions.

Statistics Iceland

Available: list of registered enterprises by year


Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Available: List of certificates, change in directors, charge documents, other documents eform, incorporation documents, other documents attachments, annual return and balance sheet eform, annual returns and balance sheet attachment, limited liability partnership forms (LLP), limited liability partnership attachments; Requires logging in;

Securities and Exchange Commission

National Stock Exchange of India

Available: public issue offer document - IPO final prospectus, IPO draft offer documents, others, public issue of debt securities;

Bombay Stock Exchange Limited

Available lists: active companies, suspended companies, suspended companies - directors, delisted companies,


Indonesia Stock Exchange

Available: general profile, dividend, corporate action, announcement, financial report, Bond & Sukuk, trading info, calendar


Central Securities Depository of Iran

Available for download: list of companies

Tehran Securities Exchange Technology Management Company

Available: list of companies, financial data of companies,

Securities and Exchange Brokers Association

Available in Persian only


Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation - Companies registration office

Available: name, address, registration date, status; Documents available for purchase: Change in Director/Secretary, memorandum and articles, Special resolution, Account details, Annual renurns;

Island of Jersey

JFSC Companies Registry

Available: list of documents available for purchase, i.e. foundation documents, certificate of incorporation

Isle of Man

Government - The department of Economic development

Available: Company name, company number, company type, registered office, date of incorporation, presence of charges, status; Documents available for purchase: change in directors/secretary, annual return, annual return file date, change in registered office etc.


Israel Securities Authority

Available: basic company information, ID number type, ID number, license type, license number, status (valid, void, suspended)

Ministry of Justice - Registrar of Companies

Available: search only by company number, available only in Hebrew; To find company number go to: Results: basic company information, ownership information

Ministry of Justice - Registry of Pledges

Available only in Hebrew


Business Registry - Chamber of Commerce Registry

Search by name and by product or service; Available: company name, registered office, list of activities, contact information, turnover class, sales channel; Available for purchase: reports, financial statements, partners

The Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa (CONSOB)

Available: Ownership, Share capital, Board members, Major holdings, Potential major holdings

London Stock Exchange Group

Available: financial reports, annual information documents, auditing documents,


Osaka Securities Exchange

Available:issue name, date of listing, number of listed shares, Category of industry, Trading unit, Listed exchange, Balance sheet date, Second Quarter, Loan issue, Margin issue, Securities under supervision, Securities to be delisted, basic trading history

Nagoya Stock Exchange

Available: company name, code, industrial classification, section, web site

TokyoStock Exchange


Amman Stock Exchange

Available: performance indicators, historical trading indicators, the five best ask and best bid offers


Business Registry

Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on regulation and supervision of financial market and financial organizations

Available: issue number, NIN, date of registration, The maturity date or the date of cancellation, The name of the Registrar

Kazakhstan Stock Exchange

Available: list of issuers (listed, unlisted); basic contact information, shareholders, financial performance, news


Kyrgyz Stock Exchange

Available: basic contact information, bulletin of issuer (scanned document), quarterly report


Business Registry - European Business Register

Available: database of all companies registered in Latvia, mutual links between companies, statistics, disclosure of fake documents; Search available by: company, number, date, address, phone number, company’s official’s - name, surname, personal code, company’s owner’s information, type of business activity;


Liberia Business Registry

Available: company name, date reigistered (or a date of the name reservation), company status (active or not)


Business Names Index - Land and Trade Registry (GBOERA)


Ministry of Justice


Luxembourg Registre de Commerce et des Seocietes

The Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier

List of all issuers of securities for which Luxembourg is the home Member State; Basic company information


Central Registry

- Joint stock companies with special reporting obligations

Available: monthly and annual financial reports

Macedonian Stock Exchange

Available: basic trading information


Securities Commission Malaysia

Available: list of Shariah compliant securities, unit trust funds in Malaysia, list of unit trust funds, list of registered trustees, list of unit trust management companies, statistics for fund management industry, list of wholesale funds, list of closed-end funds, listed intermediaries, stockbroking industry consolidation update,


Registry of companies

Available: Company name, ID number, address, location

Marshall Islands

International Registries, Inc.

Available: company name, type, status (active, annulled), registered agent name and address


Mexican Stock Exchange

Available: general information, company description, main executives


Registry of commerce

Available: Company name, ID number, address, type of company, type of activities,


Mongolian Stock Exchange


Central Registry of the Commercial Court in Podgorica

Available: Basic company information, address, total capital, company's officials and/or employees, financial statement, uploaded documents

Centralna Depozitarna Agencija AD Podgorica

Available: ID number, name, address, symbol, ISIN, number of shareholders, number of shares

Komisija za hartije od vrijednosti

Available: basic company information, Key people (Name, position, personal ID number and equivalent of Social Security no., passport number, place of residence)

Montenegro Berza

Available: basic trading information

Administration of Property

Available: search by Unique Personal Identification Number gives all the land property registered in someone's name, its size and any other available details


Conseil Déontologique des Valeurs Mobilières


Trade Register - Trade register

Information available in Duch

Kamer van Koophandel

Available: business extracts, annual reports


Available: short information about company name, personal name, or list of companies at a certain address

New Zealand

Companies Office

Available: Basic company information, address (including historic overview), directors, shareholding information, annual return, other uploaded documents

New Zealand Exchange

Available: summary, charts, dividends, news, announcements, price history, related securities


Securities and Exchange Commission, Nigeria


Companies office of Niue


Norwegian Bronnoysund Register Centre

Available: business enterprise information (certificates, registry data), specific overviews, annual reports, accounts


Available: map of connections and relations between board leaders, board members, managing directors and stock owners; connection through other companies and other people. Also, browsing of key economic figures and short version of stock owner list

Power Base of Norway

Available: crucial information from Ministry of local government and regional development on current local and national politicians in Norway including their business and political ties to institutions and individuals

Norwegian Property


Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan

Available: name, registration number, old registration number, CRO

Karachi Stock Exchange


Public Registry of Companies

Free access to company data but in most cases the shareholders and management board are represented by proxies

Scraped Panama Registry of Companies

Available: directors, subscribers, agent, date registered, capital amount, microfilm data (for some companies)


Bursa de Valores de Lima

Available: vasic contact information, summary, historical quotes, significant events, corporate information, financial information

Publicidad Registral en Linea

Note: available in Spanish only


Warsaw Stock Exchange

Available: basic data, chart, quotations, indicators, ESPI reports, shareholders, corporate action


Ministry of Justice - Registrar of Companies


The National Trade Register Office

Available: Basic company information, contact information, type of capital, registered capital, partners/shareholders, administrators, foreign direct investment, goodwill, branches/subsidiaries

Romanian National Securities Commission

Note: list available in Romanian; Basic company info and email address

Bucharest Stock Exchange

Available: trading info, issuer profile (contact information, fiscal code etc.), financial data, financial calendar, share capital changes, shareholders;


Enquiry Service of Legal Entities - Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE)

Available: Basic company information, contact information, Information on: representatives, registered capital, the status of the legal entity, legal entity creation, founders of the legal entity - Russian legal entities, founders - foreign legal entities, shareholders, legal entities - predecessors at reorganization, legal entities - successors at reorganization, type of activities, licences

Federal Service for Financial Market - The list of issuers for which the Federal Financial Markets Service is the registration authority

Available: issuer's name, unique issuer number

Information disclosure AK&M

Note: search available in Russian only; Available: financial reports (quarterly, annual etc.), significant documents (significant events, issue of security, affiliated persons, documents issued by courts etc.), company's contact information, type of activities, branches, sole executive body,

Note: information available in Russian only; Available: basic company information, statutes and other internal documents, affiliated persons, quarterly reports, issues of securities, annual report, annual accounts, other documents provided by the issuer

State Register of Companies

Available: name, address, BIN, EUR, INN, PPC, date of entry, registration authority, region


Central Securities Depository and Clearing House of Serbia

Available information on type of share holders, number of shares, percantage of ownership in capital of shareholders, names of holders

Serbian Business Registrars Agency

Available: Basic company information, contact information, dates, business activities, capital data, trustees, branches,

Republic of Serbia

Available: Broker-Dealer Companies, Authorised Banks, Custody Banks, Investment Fund Management Companies, Investment Funds

Belgrade Stock Exchange

Available: contact information, most recent news on the broker/dealer

Public Procurement Office

Note: requires registration; Available: data on all public procurements

Serbian Business Registrars Agency

Available: information on NGOs

Serbian Business Registrars Agency

Available: financial leasing information

Serbian Business Registrars Agency

National Bank of Serbia

Commercial Court of Serbia

Criminal Court of Serbia

Anticorruption agency

Available: data on property of state officials; search available by official's name


Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Agency

Open Corporates

Available: list of companies from Singapore


Available for purchase: basic business profile, detailed business profile, certificate of good standing, certificate of compliance, microfilms

Slovak Republic

Business Register

Available: Basic company information, business activities, partners, contributions of each member, management body, capital

Ministry of Justice of The Slovak Republic - Business Register

Available: search by name, id number, company address, persons name; Results showing: name, address, date of registration, businesses the company is registered for, partners, starting capital amount, directors; For some companies there are original documents available


Bratislava Stock Exchange

Available: list of issuers, list of securities

Slovak and Czech company registries



- Officialy Appointed Mechanism for the Central Storage of regulated information

Available: Company name, web page

Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Government Agency for Public Legal Records and Related Services

Available: other institutions' websites - Slovenian business register, Annual reports online, Credit rating online, Internet toolkit for financial analyses, European Business Register

South Africa

South African Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)

Available: Basic company information, address, purpose

Department of Trade and Industry

Available: Includes, among others, the national directory of Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises

South Korea

Korea Exchange

Available: code, name, industry, number of issued shares, capital stock, per value


Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores

Registro Mercantil Central

Notes: fees between 2 and 9 Euros; All the information this public organization collects is then published in BORME - the official bulletin of the Registro Mercantil

Official State Bulletin

Official Bulletin of Business Registry


Available: only rulings can be accessed in Spain and they're redacted of the attorneys names and any personal names (which are also changed) however, company names are kept

Consejo General del Poder Judicial

Available: info on litigation; only rulings can be accessed in Spain and they're redacted of the attorneys names and any personal names (which are also changed) however, company names are kept



Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority - Stock exchange information

Available: annual and quarterly reports, stock-affecting information, flagging information

Tax Authority

Available: personal information on individuals (personal registration number, address, family members, income related to business)


Central Business Names Indeks

Available: Basic company information, address, branches, capital, purpose

Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce


Damascus Securities Exchange

Available: basic company information, contact information, key functions and people


Taiwan Stock Exchange

Available: symbol, code, date of listing, management, basic contact information


The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Available: List of SET Listed Companies & Contact Information (Excel), Delisting Securities Statistics (1975 - 2009), Possible Delisting Companies, Companies not meeting free float requirements for 2 consecutive years or more, List of Index Constituents in SET100, SET50 and FTSE SET Index Series segmented by market capitalization


Togo Chamber of Commerce

Trinidad & Tobago

The Trinidad & Tobago Stock Exchange

Available: listed securities;

Ministry of Legal Affairs - Registrar of Companies


Istanbul Gold Exchange

Available: basic contact information

Istanbul Stock Exchange

Available: basic company information and trading data

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey - Turkish Trade Registry Gazette

Available: company name, company number, city of office location (serves as a check if the company exists in Turkey)

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce - Registrar of Companies

Available: basic company information, directors, owners, previous owners, list of notifications published in gazette, whole profile available for download in PDF format


Ukrainian Stock Exchange

Available: ISIN, Issuer name, listing, Code in the Register of Ukrainian Enterprises, market type, security class, equity, Par Value, UAH, quantity for sale, quantity of issue, industry, entered USE list, ticker, last trading day, close price UAH

State register of financial entities

Official portal of state tenders

Note: Requires registration

Unique state register of judgments

Available: state court rulings available for search by: name, case number, court code

Available: non-government organisations including parties, CSOs, charity funds, courts of referees etc.

State Enterprise Information Resource Centre - Business Register

Available only in Ukranian

United Arab Emirates

Dubai Financial Services Authority

Available: legal status, DFSA reference number, contact information, date of licence, financial services, investments, restrictions, Islamic Financial Business Endorsement; Key individuals

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange

Available: company quotes, company profile and contact information, key people, financial reports, major shareholders, calendar of events, trade history, intraday trade history,

United Kingdom

Companies House

Available: Basic company information, address, company type, type of business, previous names, additional information available on order, UK establishment details, oversea company info

FSA - FSA Register

London Stock Exchange

Available: summary, interactive chart, prices and trades, fundamentals, technical analyses

Level Business

Available: company name and address, registration number, directors information with their date of birth, employment history


Available: company name and address, registration number, some financial information for previous for current and previous years, invormation on key company people. It also has field for opinions, but very few companies have any coments written.

United States

New York Stock Exchange

Chicago Stock Excange

Available: traded issues (Tape A, Tape B, Tape C); symbol, issue name, listing market, tape

Arkansas Government

Available: basic company information

California Government

Available: basic company information

Colorado Government

Delaware Government

District of Columbia Government

Available: basic company information, NIGP codes

Georgia Government

Available: basic company information, agent contact information

Hawaii Government

Available: general info, annual filings, members, other filings, documents available for purchase

Idaho Government

Available: business records search, original filings, annual reports

Iowa Government

Available: addresses, agents, filings, names, offices, stock, summary

Kansas Business Center

Available: basic company info, Certificate of Good Standing, resident agent info

Kentucky Government

Available: general information, current officers, initial officers at time of formation, documents available online, assumed names, activity history

Louisiana Government

Available: basic company information, domicile address, mailing address, status, registered agent(s), officers

Main Government

Available: basic company info, charter number, status, filing date, jurisdiction, clerk/registered agent, list of filings

Maryland Government

Available: entity name, general info, amendments, personal property, status

Massachusetts Government - Corporate Database

Available: general information, location of the principal office, registered agent, officers and all of the directors, information on shares, all filings, certificates available on request

Michigan Government

Available: basic company information, annual reports

Minnesota Government

Available: basic company information, additional entity details available for purchase

Mississippi Government

Available: basic company information, some company filings

Missouri Government

Available: basic company information, some filed documents

Montana Government

Available: basic company information, registered agent; Available for purchase: certificate of existance

Nebraska Government

Available: basic company information, nature of business, key people; Available for purchase: images of filed documents

Nevada Government

Available: business entity information, registered agent information, financial information, officers, actions/amendments

New Jersey Business Gateway Service - New State Business Gateway Service

New Jersey Business Gateway Service - New Jersey State Business Gateway Service

Available: business lists

New York State Government

Available: Status Information, address and agent information, stock information, name history

North Carolina Government

Available: basic company information, registered agent, principal office, officers, some filed documents

North Dakota Government

Available: corporation details, principal office, registered agent, authorized shares

Ohio Government

Available: corporation details, agent/registrant information, incorporator information, filings

Oregon Government

Available: basic company info, associated names, names history, summary history

Pennsylvania Government

Available: basic company information

South Dakota Government

Available: filing information, registered agent, imaged documents

Tennessee Government

Available: basic company information, history, registered agents, assumed names

Texas Government

Note: web site requires subscription

Utah Government

Available: basic company information, registered agent, status, history, additional information; Available for purchase: management team information, certificate of existence

Virginia Government

Available: data summary, stocks, registered agent, officers, old names, activity

Washington State Government

Available: basic company information, registered agent information, special address information, governing persons

West Virginia Government

Wisconsin Government

Available: basic information, addresses, registered agent, historical information about filed annual reports, Certificates of Newly-elected Officers/Directors, old names

Wisconsin Government

Available: basic company information, registered agent, history, public notes, parties

The United States Government

Alabama Government

Available: id, name, city, type, status, addresses, place and date of formation, registered agent, nature of business, incorporators, scanned documents;

Alaska Government

Available:entity name history, business name information, owners

Arizona Government

Available: domestic address, statutory agent information, additional corporate information, officer information, director information, scanned documents, amendments, notices of pending administrative dissolution, microfilm

Florida Government

Available: filing information, addresses, registered agent, manager/member detail, document images,

Illinois Government

Available: name, status, type, agent, secretary, annual report date

Indiana Government

Available: general entity information, registered agent

New Hampshire Government

Available: basic company information, last annual report filed date, registered agent

New Mexico Government

Available: filing information, addresses, agent, directors, cooperative licence information, instrument information

Oklahoma Government

Available: basic company information; more detailed information requires registration

South Carolina Government

Available: company name, status, registered agent, corporation history records

Vermont Government

Also available: Corporation Database Individual Person Name Search -

U.S. Securities and Exchange Comission

The District of Columbia

Available: after registration the website offers search by name or file number and privides basic company information and basic registered agent information


Los Registros Públicos en Uruguay


Directorio Industrial de Venezuela

Servicio Nacional de Contratistas

Available: information on the certificate, basic company information, contact information, charter and statutory changes, information about company's activities in the contract, shareholders, Board Members and legal representatives, commissioners, products or services being purchased by the government, list of work and/or services, financial information for the period of contract