Enquiry Service of Legal Entities - Uniform State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE)

Available: Basic company information, contact information, Information on: representatives, registered capital, the status of the legal entity, legal entity creation, founders of the legal entity - Russian legal entities, founders - foreign legal entities, shareholders, legal entities - predecessors at reorganization, legal entities - successors at reorganization, type of activities, licences

Federal Service for Financial Market - The list of issuers for which the Federal Financial Markets Service is the registration authority

Available: issuer's name, unique issuer number

Information disclosure AK&M

Note: search available in Russian only; Available: financial reports (quarterly, annual etc.), significant documents (significant events, issue of security, affiliated persons, documents issued by courts etc.), company's contact information, type of activities, branches, sole executive body,

Note: information available in Russian only; Available: basic company information, statutes and other internal documents, affiliated persons, quarterly reports, issues of securities, annual report, annual accounts, other documents provided by the issuer

State Register of Companies

Available: name, address, BIN, EUR, INN, PPC, date of entry, registration authority, region