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How to Fish for People in Panama

This short video tutorial explains how to find out if citizens of your own country are involved with companies based in the offshore haven of Panama. All it takes is a little creativity and the Daniel O’Huiginn’s scraped database of Panama companies. This is a follow up to a previous video tutorial that indicates how to navigate the more complicated Panama official registry of companies. Happy fishing!

Panama corporate records re-indexed

About two weeks ago I posted a blog entry and a video tutorial on how to get corporate records from the official Panama registry of companies. It turns out there is an even better way to look for data on Panama based companies. Dan O’Huiginn created an awesome tool that adds functionality to Panama company searches and allows investigators  to also search by names of companies’ directors. The official database only allows searches by companies’ names. O’Huiginn scraped the database, re-indexed it and posted it online here: http://ohuiginn.net/panama The added functionality allows you to search by names of directors, find out the names of companies they own and then go back to the official registry to get the official records.

New LinkedIn Company Search

LinkedIn announced a new feature with their social network: “now you can search for companies not only by attributes such as location, industry, and size but also by how you are connected.  You can filter a set of results to include only those companies where you have a direct connection or broaden your search to include companies in your extended network.”

The new search option could prove to be a very useful tool for investigative journalists. Social networks profiles become increasingly important for the investigator’s work as business as well as social connections are shared on social networks such as: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Social networks mining coupled to companies’ databases mining greatly contribute to profiling individuals and groups.

The ID will soon host video tutorials on social networks mining.

New Cloud Based Storage With 5GB Free

Beginning this week, Dropbox has a serious competitor in AVG LiveKive, announces Gizmodo. Dropbox has been offering 1GB of free cloud storage while LiveKive announces 5GB of free and secured online storage. LiveKive is an initiative of anti-virus maker AVG so the “secured” part of the offering might indeed make a difference on top of the 5 free GB. “By storing information on our safe and secure servers, customers significantly reduce the temptation for thieves and hackers to attempt accessing files stored on an individual PC or mobile device.” says AVG. It seems that, just like a while ago in the e-mail market, the race has started and it’s gonna be interesting to see Dropobox’s next move.